Barack Obama Suspected to Be Leading White House

Barack Obama Suspected to Be Leading White House

( – One of the concerns a lot of people had when President Joe Biden was elected was that he was going to continue the failed policies of former President Barack Obama’s administration. When the new POTUS started filling in his Cabinet positions, that was even more of a concern. Many of the people he chose used to work for the 44th president. Apparently, Obama is even more involved in the administration than previously known.

On March 22, a reporter asked Press Secretary Jen Psaki if Obama has been to the White House to visit Biden? She responded, saying the two men are in “regular touch” because they are “friends.” The press sec went on to say that Obama has consulted on a “range of issues” and she believes it will continue throughout the remainder of Biden’s presidency.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing that Biden is talking to previous presidents about policies. It’s not as though many living people have sat in that office and dealt with the stressors of that particular job. What’s concerning is how frequently Psaki said they’re speaking. With Biden’s 45+ years in government, why would he need so much help from Obama? It leaves one to wonder, who’s really making the decisions?

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