Barr: More Russiagate Arrests May Be Coming

( – Shortly after William Barr became attorney general, he launched an investigation into the origins of Russiagate. US Attorney John Durham was appointed to head the probe and in August, he announced criminal charges against a former FBI lawyer. Now, Barr has indicated there might be more arrests coming.

On Wednesday, September 9, “NBC Nightly News,” anchor Pete Williams asked if Durham is reaching the end of his investigation, but Barr said he wouldn’t “characterize it, exactly where he is.” Then the host asked if there might be more criminal charges and the attorney general said “there could be.”

Barr wouldn’t say whether or not a report could be released before the election. However, he did say that although he’s aware people will be going to the polls, he also knows there’s “strong public interest involved.” The attorney general has already made it clear neither former President Barack Obama nor ex-Vice President Joe Biden are targets of the probe, so there’s no reason to not release the report.

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