Beauty Queen Says Maxwell Approached Her When She Was 14

Beauty Queen Says Maxwell Approached Her When She Was 14

( – Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged partner in crime, Ghislaine Maxwell, is still in prison awaiting trial for sex crimes. As she sits in solitary confinement, more information about her is coming out. Most recently, a woman accused Maxwell of trying to recruit her when she was 14.

More Accusations Against the Socialite

According to Molly Skye Brown, now age 42, Maxwell approached her while she worked out at a Florida gym when she was a teenager. Epstein’s girlfriend reportedly started speaking to her while she was in the child-care facility of the gym.

The British socialite allegedly walked by while Brown was on an elliptical in front of a window. Maxwell looked the young girl “up and down” and then walked into the facility. The accused child predator offered her a job as Epstein’s masseuse and said “oh good,” when she said she was only 14.

Brown said Maxwell painted a rosy picture of “international traveling, modeling, massages” and other opportunities. She said the information was “going in one ear and out the other” and eventually told the socialite she wasn’t interested.

Sharing Her Story

According to Brown, she heard Maxwell often approached girls in malls and other areas in Florida. She believes the socialite was a “predator prowling the streets.” She came forward because she wants other victims to speak out.

Not the Only Victim

Police arrested Maxwell after multiple victims came forward and accused her of helping and even participating in the abuse perpetrated by Epstein. She allegedly procured minors for her ex-boyfriend, a convicted sex offender, to sexually assault. The British socialite often traveled to “Pedophile Island” with him and underage girls.

Maxwell’s trial date is set for July 2021, but that could change. She will remain in custody until then.

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