Ben Shapiro Says It’s Time to Uncancel Americans

Ben Shapiro Says It's Time to Uncancel Americans

( – In January, then-President Donald Trump was kicked off of Twitter for having the audacity to question whether fraud impacted the outcome of the presidential election. All of the other major social media platforms followed suit, essentially erasing the sitting president’s presence from the internet. Cancel culture got him.

This volatile behavior reared its ugly head again recently when Gina Carano, a star of Disney’s “The Mandalorian,” found herself without a job because of posts she put on her social media accounts. For instance, she shared a photo of someone else’s post comparing the Left’s treatment of Republicans to the way Jewish people were treated during WWII. She also questioned the result of the 2020 presidential election. Radicals in Hollywood couldn’t handle that she had conservative ideals and canceled her.

One prominent voice on the Right has finally had enough, and he says it’s time for a change.

Uncancel Americans

In a February 17 op-ed, Ben Shapiro slammed cancel culture. He discussed the incident with Carano, whom he offered a deal to after Lucasfilm (owned by Disney) fired her for having an opinion about things happening in the world.

In his editorial, Shapiro said it’s “perfectly obvious” that Lucasfilm was looking for a reason to fire Carano. There are reports that executives had an ongoing issue with her conservative social media posts. He pointed out that her termination comes on the heels of Chris Harrison’s firing. “The Bachelor” host lost his job after saying one of the contestants should be given “a little grace” for attending a party that had a Southern antebellum theme. Even though he apologized, the woke folks didn’t think it went far enough and he had to step aside.

When people apologize, they lose everything. When they don’t apologize, they lose everything. So, what’s the point? Shapiro said it’s time for Americans to “stop allowing themselves to be canceled.” They have a right to their own thoughts and he believes they should “band together” to support one another. Otherwise, the Left will continue its reign of terror on the Right.

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