Biden Administration in Hot Water After Tucker Carlson Attacks

Biden Administration in Hot Water After Tucker Carlson Attacks

( – In the US, people are supposed to have the right to free speech and to criticize the government when they believe it’s warranted. Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson isn’t afraid to exercise those rights on his show every week night. Recently, his comments led to a shocking attack by someone within the federal government.

On March 9, Carlson said President Joe Biden’s updates to military standards, including uniforms for pregnant women, are making a “mockery” of the armed forces. In response, Army Sergeant Major Michael A. Grinston, and Major General Patrick Donahoe both attacked Carlson for the comments. The Pentagon also responded, publishing a press release about it on the website.

Employees of the federal government should never use their positions to attack private citizens. If it were just a random government worker, it would be bad enough, but the military attacking a member of the press? That takes it to a whole different level. That’s the stuff of dictatorships. Heads should roll in the Department of Defense and people should lose their jobs.

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