Biden Administration Launches Airstrikes in Afghanistan As Tensions Boil

Biden Administration Launches Airstrikes in Afghanistan As Tensions Boil

( – Shortly after stepping into office, President Joe Biden ordered the military out of Afghanistan by September. The military is still actively attacking terrorists. That’s leaving both Afghan citizens and Americans wondering what’s going to happen next.

The White House recently authorized the military to carry out more bombing campaigns in the Middle Eastern nation. American soldiers are trying to help the Afghan military regain some of the territories it lost to Taliban militias in recent weeks. Biden said he was confident the Afghan military will be able to beat the terrorists back, and protect them from regaining power in the country, back in July.

While ground troops are expected to be out of the country by the end of the month, their military leaders have confirmed they still intend to aid the Aghan military in counterterrorism operations for the present time. What happens after that remains unclear.

In July, the Pentagon said airstrikes against the Taliban will continue until at least August 31. They did not confirm their intention to extend the same attacks beyond that time frame, and haven’t given a clear picture of what such an operation might look like if they do proceed.

Would they use drone strikes, which can be carried out from thousands of miles away? Or, might they use Air Force bombings instead?

The New York Post recently questioned whether the withdrawal will be extended again to continue helping the Afghans. As of right now, there are no plans to extend the withdrawal date.

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