Biden Administration Revokes Trump’s Energy Policies

Biden Administration Revokes Trump’s Energy Policies

( – Former President Donald Trump spent four years trying to make the US more energy independent. One of the steps he took was to authorize drilling on public lands. The Biden administration has now moved to end that.

On April 16, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland announced the revocation of Trump’s executive orders that promoted fossil fuel development on public lands. She said that the Biden administration is taking a “whole-of-government approach to tackle climate change.” She called the orders by her predecessors “inconsistent” with the US government’s commitment to protect water, land, wildlife, and public health. Haaland also announced the creation of a Climate Task Force.

Republicans believe the Biden administration’s policies are going to cause an increase in gas prices. That would be bad for the country at a time when the price of oil is already increasing as the US begins getting back to normal after the pandemic. Supply and demand, coupled with OPEC’s decision to keep oil production low is leading to Americans paying more at the pump. Although there isn’t data to show whether this reversal will also increase prices, it’s something that concerns many people.

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