Biden Allows Over 600,000 Migrants to Cross Border

Biden Allows Over 600,000 Migrants to Cross Border

( – President Joe Biden’s border crisis has been raging out of control for months. As the country continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, the president and his administration are allowing hundreds of thousands of migrants into the country. New numbers suggest it’s even worse than many thought.

According to a July 23 Breitbart report, the new president has allowed more than 600,000 immigrants into the US. The number includes 327,501 immigrants who were admitted from Inauguration Day through June 30 and about 300,000 who “got away” from Border Patrol agents.

Biden has reversed nearly all of Trump’s border policies since taking office. Additionally, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has been helping the president usher more migrants into the US. He increased the number of immigrants allowed into the country under Title 42 — the health regulation meant to protect the country during COVID — from 14,000 to 83,922. DHS has also reportedly stopped strictly enforcing workforce immigration raids.

Meanwhile, companies are finally starting to raise wages for workers as they face a labor shortage. The country is also grappling with the possibility of another surge of the coronavirus. Allowing immigrants to flood the labor market and not knowing whether they’re COVID positive has the potential to seriously harm Americans. Aren’t they the people who the president is supposed to be protecting?

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