Biden Already Facing Administration Issues (REPORT)

( – When President Donald Trump appointed Ben Carson to the HUD secretary role, Liberals lost their minds. They claimed he only picked the neurosurgeon for the position because he’s a black man. It looks like Joe Biden just did the same thing the Left accused Trump of doing.

After the 2020 election, Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-OH) commented that African-Americans are often typecast and put in positions like housing secretary, the cabinet position that oversees public housing. On December 11, Biden announced he would nominate the congresswoman for HUD secretary if he’s sworn in next month.

Biden’s decision isn’t getting the same level of scrutiny as Trump’s did, of course. The media never really goes after Biden. But the Left’s voters noticed what he did and are criticizing him for the move.

Meanwhile, on the Right, people are pointing out that Fudge once supported a man accused of domestic violence, who was later accused of violently murdering his wife.

Biden hasn’t commented on the situation.

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