Biden Backs DC Statehood

Biden Backs DC Statehood

( – Liberals have made it clear that they want to do whatever they can to stay in power. They’ve crafted voting laws that will help them in future elections. Now they’re also pushing for DC statehood — and they have a powerful supporter.

On April 20, the White House announced it “strongly supports” the bill that will make Washington, DC the 51st state.

According to a statement of policy, the executive branch said the city has been paying taxes “without representation,” calling it “an affront” to the values on which our country was founded.

Republicans believe the Left wants to make DC a state because it’s a very liberal area. If they are given representatives in the House or Senate, they will almost certainly be Democrats. It looks like it’s just one more way they’re trying to hold onto power. In order to pass the bill, the Dems will need 10 members of the GOP to overcome a filibuster and they do not currently have the support.

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