Biden Ducks Questions On Iran’s Nuclear Deal As Israeli PM Presses Timeline

Israel - Photo by Raimond Klavins on Unsplash

President Biden said he would consider using military force as a last resort but declined to elaborate on a timeline for diplomatic efforts with Iran. He said the United States would “never” allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid said that a credible military threat against Iran would be the only way to bring it back into the nuclear deal. He also tried to minimize disagreements between the two countries over Iran’s nuclear program.

Lapid’s call on the U.S. follows President Biden’s statement that the U.S. would use force against Iran’s nuclear program ‘as a last resort if necessary.’ Many Israeli leaders oppose the Iran deal and believe diplomacy alone will not constrain Iran’s nuclear program.

“We’ve laid out for the people, for the leadership of Iran, what we’re willing to accept now to get back in the JCPOA,” Biden said about the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the Obama-era nuclear agreement abandoned by the Trump administration to an Israeli journalist.

The Israeli government said the JCPOA only enriched Iran and sped up their timeline for nuclear arms development as part of the agreement included the U.S. buying and allowing crude export from Iran.

In the meantime, Iran has not skipped a beat in continuous terrorist attacks on U.S. allies in the region. Including drone attacks on Saudi Arabia, attacks through Hamas on Israel, and even conflict in Jordan.

“We’re waiting for the response. When that occurs, when that will come, I’m not certain. But we are not going to wait forever.” President Biden said after signing a joint declaration with PM Lapid.

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