Biden Falsely Clams Student Loan Relief Was Passed By Congress

Joe Biden falsely claimed that his student loan relief plan passed Congress, after signing an executive order that allowed for up to $20,000 in loan forgiveness for Pell grant recipients and up to $10,000 for all other college graduates.

Critics on social media noted that Biden’s comment that his student loan payout plan was a law passed by Congress and signed by him was either intentionally misleading or he legitimately could not distinguish between a bill and an executive order.

This comment about the plan being passed by Congress was made during an interview. However, the mistake is a critical one. President Joe Biden created his student debt forgiveness initiative through executive action, not through legislation.

News outlets tried to reach the White House to find out more about Biden’s claim. A White House official stated that during the interview, Biden was referring to the Inflation Reduction Act, which reduced the federal budget deficit and made room for other crucial programs. However, many viewers could not find that correlation while watching the interview. The way he spoke was in reference to the student debt cancellation plan.

The Biden administration relied on a 2003 law to waive student debt for people serving in the military, living in a disaster area, or suffering direct economic hardship. The Biden administration claims that the Covid-19 pandemic constitutes a national emergency, thus qualifying students with standing student loans during the pandemic.

The Justice Department is defending the 2003 law as well, arguing that it is a national emergency that requires a waiver of federal student loan provisions. However, six Republican attorneys general are challenging the initiative.

There is now a hold on the relief of student debt as a result of those challenging the plan. This is because six┬áRepublican-led States claim he doesn’t have the legal authority to wipe out debt for eligible applicants.

Millions have already applied for loan forgiveness and are awaiting a response on what the White House will do next.

John Nightbridge is a veteran reporter, researcher, and economic policy major from UCLA. Passionate about world issues and potential ways to solve them is a significant focus of his work. Writing freelance and reading the news are John's passions at work. Outside of work, it's all about sky diving, surfing, and stock market modeling.