Biden Finally Confesses He Doesn’t Know If He Can Axe the Filibuster

Biden Finally Confesses He Doesn't Know If He Can Axe The Filibuster

( – President Joe Biden and many Democrats have been pushing to end the filibuster to pass voting rights. They’re selling it as a necessary step to protect the Republic; Republicans vehemently disagree and are fighting to preserve the rule. Now, the POTUS is admitting he might fail in his efforts.

On January 13, Biden spoke to reporters as he was leaving a meeting with Senate Democrats. He said the “honest-to-God” reality is he doesn’t know if the party will be able to kill the filibuster to pass the voting bill. He went on to say he believes the Left will try again if they fail this time, but said failure could lead to “election subversion.”

The same day, Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) confirmed she wouldn’t support killing the filibuster. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) also doesn’t support the move, making the proposal dead on arrival.

Biden’s remarks came days after he compared those against the voting bill to George Wallace during a speech in Georgia. Wallace was the governor of Alabama during the Jim Crow era. Ironically, the president once bragged about being complimented by the segregationist. It looks like Biden is going to need a lot more than tough-guy mean speeches to pass the legislation.

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