Biden Lies About How Well Trump Did With COVID Vaccine

( – Former President Donald Trump’s administration worked side-by-side with the scientific community to develop a COVID-19 vaccine quickly. Operation Warp Speed was wildly successful and by the time he left office, millions of Americans had received vaccinations. His successor, President Joe Biden, is now trying to downplay his role in getting people inoculated against the deadly virus.

On October 21, Biden spoke to Anderson Cooper at a CNN town hall event and answered questions from Americans. During a conversation about the vaccine rate, the president lied about how many people received their shots under Trump. He claimed that when he took office only two million Americans had been vaccinated, now 190 million have received the shots.

The Associated Press (AP) quickly fact-checked Biden for his remarks and found he was vastly overstating his record. By the time he took office on January 20, almost 16 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine had been administered.

Further, the president claimed he bought all the vaccines he could find. The AP points out that Trump had purchased 300 million doses of vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna in December 2020, before Biden took office.

Not only did the Trump administration vaccinate eight times as many people as Biden claimed, but the former president also made it possible for the current 190 million Americans to get the shots.

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