Biden Nominee’s Checkered Past Revealed

Biden Nominee's Checkered Past Revealed

( – On Wednesday, December 8, the Senate confirmed the new US attorney for the District of Massachusetts. Vice President Kamala Harris cast the tie-breaking vote, despite the nominee’s checkered past.

Rachel Rollins, 50, is now the top federal prosecutor in the Bay State. While Democrats are touting her as the first black woman to fill the role, Republicans are furious President Joe Biden put her forward. It’s because Rollins has been accused of committing crimes herself.

Earlier this year, a video showed Rollins confronting a news crew after another person accused her of pretending to be a cop during a road rage incident. She accused the news crew of listening to the “rantings of a white woman,” saying she was going to call the cops on the news crew.

Reports also revealed police charged Rollins with a misdemeanor when she was a teenager because she allegedly received stolen property. She left the criminal charge behind her and went on to have a successful career in law, but it was also full of controversy. During her time as the District Attorney for Suffolk County, she was accused of racism for saying she didn’t “have much time for more white men” telling her what people of color need.

Despite her past and the accusations she committed a crime, Rollins is expected to enforce the law.

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