Biden Predicts Food Shortages Are “Gonna Be Bad”

( – The American people have been dealing with food shortages since the pandemic began. Supply chain problems have left grocery shelves bare in some parts of the country, and many supermarkets have placed limits on items to prevent hoarding amid shortages. Now there’s an additional problem President Joe Biden is warning Americans about after his administration downplayed the threat.

More Food Shortages on Horizon

On March 24, Biden spoke during a press conference at a NATO summit in Brussels, Belgium. He told reporters world leaders spoke about food shortages resulting from the sanctions levied against Russia for its war on Ukraine. The POTUS said Russia isn’t the only one who will feel the pain of the sanctions, Europe and the US are going to feel it as well. Food shortages are expected to impact everyone.

Biden explained Russia and Ukraine are known as the “breadbasket of Europe” because of their wheat production. The war could obviously prevent Ukraine from planting its seeds and even if farmers did manage to plant their crops, those fields could suffer damage from bombs. Selling the product on the global market would likely also be an issue. Although neither country exports to the US, wheat shortages would cause a strain on the global supply causing prices to rise everywhere.

The president said leaders talked about ending trade limitations on sending food to other countries, to “help alleviate the concerns relative to the food shortages.” Nonetheless, Biden said the shortages are “gonna be real.”

The president’s comments directly contradict what his administration has said previously.


At the March 21 White House Daily Briefing, a reporter asked Press Secretary Jen Psaki about global food insecurity as it relates to the war in Ukraine. She responded by saying the US isn’t expecting there to be a food shortage, but Americans should expect to pay more for “energy, fertilizer, wheat, and corn.” Psaki went on to say the World Bank estimates the shortages would impact low-and middle-income nations like those in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Asia.

Psaki’s comments were made just three days before Biden spoke at the press conference in Brussels, so what changed? Did the president finally realize wheat is used in food production?

Dan Varroney, the founder of consulting firm Potomac Core, told FOX Business inflation could reach 10% in the near future – hurting the American people even more as they struggle to buy food and gas.

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