Biden Receives a Strange Welcome to Scotland

Biden Receives a Strange Welcome to Scotland

( – On November 2, President Joe Biden was in Scotland traveling to Glasgow for his final address to the COP26 climate change conference attendants when he encountered an unusual greeting. While his motorcade drove through the rural countryside, a large, naked Scotsman ran to his window to take pictures of the procession, greeting the president in all his glory.

In response to the news, the BBC’s North America editor tweeted in jest, “Welcome to Scotland, Mr. President.

Although the incident was a lighthearted break from the seriousness of the climate change meeting, it wasn’t the only thing that made headlines during Biden’s overseas visit. On October 31, the president was late to his press conference in Rome because he was “playing with elevators.” He neglected to elaborate on the story. Then, on November 1, someone videotaped the POTUS seemingly sleeping on the job during the conference’s opening speeches, giving credence to the name used by some — Sleepy Joe.

Despite the missteps and the comical and unusual encounter, the COP26 conference outcomes were overall positive. More than 90 countries committed to reducing methane emissions by 2030, except China and Russia, who neglected to participate in the global climate resolution mission.

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