Biden Seen Coughing in Same Hand He Used to Shake Governor’s Hand

Biden Seen Coughing in Same Hand He Shakes Governor's Hand With

( – When the COVID-19 pandemic began spreading in America, the CDC put a number of health measures in place to keep people safe. The agency also reminded everyone to practice good hygiene, including washing their hands and coughing into their elbows. It appears President Joe Biden needs to brush up on fundamental hygienic safety measures.

On Monday, October 25, Biden was in New Jersey to discuss his “Build Back Better” plan. While he was there, he took the opportunity to campaign for incumbent Governor Phil Murphy, the Democrat running for another term in office. At the end of his speech, the president coughed into his right hand and left the podium. Instead of washing or sanitizing his hands, Biden immediately started greeting people in the first row and also shook Murphy’s hand.

Biden’s behavior completely ignores the CDC guidelines for proper hygiene. He should have washed his hands with soap for at least 20 seconds or used hand sanitizer with more than 60% alcohol.

Even if the country weren’t in the midst of a global pandemic, Biden’s decision to cough into his hand and then shake hands with others was gross. During the pandemic, it’s just plain irresponsible and inconsiderate.

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