Biden to Flood Federal Courts With Black Women, Report Says

Biden to Flood Federal Courts With Black Women, Report Says

( – When President Joe Biden ran for office, he promised to put a black woman on the Supreme Court. He now has the opportunity because Stephen Breyer is retiring. However, it’s not just the SCOTUS where he’s choosing candidates based largely on sex and race.

According to a report by USA Today, Biden is set to triple the number of black women who sit on appeals courts. When he took office, there were 4 on the bench but he wants at least 13 on the court and that will happen if all of his nominees are confirmed in the coming weeks.

Social justice advocates have applauded the president for allegedly diversifying the bench. Melanie Campbell, the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation president, claimed “race and gender and class and culture” all impact how a judge interprets the law. That’s how radical judges are born.

However, Conservatives believe truly unbiased judges interpret the law based on the original intent. Other critics believe Biden is being racist by only choosing candidates based on their race. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) told Fox News Sunday the Democratic Party “believe[s] in racial discrimination.”

Do you think Biden is discriminating against other judicial candidates by only focusing on black women?

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