Biden Unveils Federal Bench Nominations

Biden Unveils Federal Bench Nominations

( – Former President Donald Trump appointed 3 Supreme Court justices and roughly 27 percent of the vacant federal judge slots, putting his mark on the federal judiciary for decades. Hoping to put his own mark on the courts, President Joe Biden recently announced his first set of nominees to the bench.

On March 30, Biden announced his choices for the 10 federal court vacancies and 1 superior court seat. According to a White House press release, the nominees will shape the court to “reflect the full diversity of the American people.”

The Left is applauding the president for his “diverse” picks, focusing on race and gender (of course).

However, although he chose a group of racially diverse nominees, all of them have one thing in common: they are Liberals. It’s going to take the new president a long time to put a dent in Trump’s legacy. But it’s clear he is going to do his best to reshape the courts to fit his own partisan ideology.

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