Biden Wants a War Crimes Trial for Vladimir Putin

Biden Wants a War Crimes Trial for Vladimir Putin

( – President Joe Biden referred to President Vladimir Putin as a war criminal after his Russian soldiers launched attacks against civilians in Ukraine. On April 4, the US leader emphasized to the press again that Putin is indeed a war criminal, stating he wants to hold him accountable in a war crimes trial. He spoke about the gruesome discovery in Bucha as one example of the Russian president’s brutal actions in Ukraine.

Video footage of the Bucha massacre recently circled the globe, showing dead bodies of innocent civilians bound, killed, and strewn about like trash. The captured photos also included mass graves filled with Ukrainians in the town just outside Kyiv.

Biden said the Russian action was a clear breach of humanitarian law, stating the video was both outrageous and disturbing. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated the killings in Bucha were nothing short of “genocide” against his people. He said as more crimes are uncovered, the harder it’ll become to negotiate any type of peace between the two nations. Zelenskyy stated the Russians tortured, killed, and did worse to thousands of innocent people, including children, in his country.

Moscow denied any involvement in such crimes, claiming the West is staging the entire scene. As authorities gather data surrounding the events in Bucha and the rest of Ukraine, they should discover who’s telling the truth.

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