Biden Wants to Bring Back Ousted HHS Official (REPORT)

Biden Wants to Bring Back Ousted HHS Official (REPORT)

( – The presidential race has still not been officially called. There are a number of lawsuits still working their way through the courts. However, that isn’t stopping Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden from assembling a transition team, and who he decided to add to his COVID-19 advisory board is raising some eyebrows.

On November 9, Biden’s transition team announced Rick Bright would be on the board. Trump fired the former head of vaccine development at Health and Human Services in May.

The Trump administration accused Bright of collecting a $285,010 annual salary while not showing up for work and politicizing the COVID-19 response. The former official celebrated the news on Twitter.

Now, if Biden officially wins the race, taxpayers could end up footing the bill again. He’s ready to fill the swamp that President Donald Trump tried so hard to drain.

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