Biden’s Controversial Nominee Confirmed By Senate

Biden's Controversial Nominee Confirmed By Senate

( – In mid-April, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) and a group of other lawmakers asked FBI Director Christopher Wray to investigate President Joe Biden’s nominee Colin Kahl. They were worried that he leaked classified information on social media. Now, that nominee is heading the third-most powerful job at the Pentagon.

On April 27, the Senate confirmed Kahl to the position of Under Secretary of Defense for Policy with a 49-45 vote. After the vote took place, Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) released a statement saying the position Kahl was confirmed for has always “received bipartisan support” but Kahl received no GOP votes. In addition to the concern over leaks, Republicans were also upset about his past tweets that were reportedly disrespectful to GOP lawmakers.

During the presidential race, Biden promised he would unite the country by reaching across the aisle. However, by pushing Kahl through, the Biden administration proved again that the president isn’t concerned with bipartisanship.

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