Biden’s Racist Relief Plan Finally Being Stopped

Biden's Racist Relief Plan Finally Being Stopped

( – Earlier this year, the Democratic Party and President Joe Biden passed the American Rescue Plan. One of the provisions of the plan was $4 billion for debt relief and loan forgiveness payments for disadvantaged farmers. The problem is that the Department of Agriculture defined these farmers as disadvantaged based on their race and sex. Farmers sued the administration almost immediately and now a judge has made a decision about the future of the program.

On Wednesday, June 23, US District Judge Marcia Morales Howard issued a preliminary injunction against the program. The ruling was in a case brought by a white farmer named Scott Wynn of Florida who said the program discriminated against him for his skin color. The judge said Congress needs to get rid of “governmentally imposed discrimination based on race.” She said the provision in the relief program seems to be based strictly on this factor.

The ruling by Judge Howard will place the program on hold for quite a while. Congress now has an obligation to rectify the problem if it wants to ensure the economy continues to do well. The justice said the constitutionality of the law has to be decided before the administration can move forward.

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