Bill Cosby Accuser Responds After His Release

( – On Wednesday, June 30, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court shocked the country by vacating the sexual assault conviction against Bill Cosby. The famed actor was in prison for more than three years after being convicted of drugging and molesting Andrea Constand, a Temple University employee. She’s now speaking out against the decision.

Attorneys for Constand slammed the court’s decision to free the 83-year-old. She called it “disappointing” and said the ruling could “discourage” other victims of sexual assault from speaking out and “participating in the prosecution” of their alleged attackers. She’s also worried it could make a victim choose between filing a civil or criminal case.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court threw the verdict out, not because it ruled he was innocent, but because the court believed prosecutors violated Cosby’s rights. The justices (in a split decision) said the district attorney unfairly prosecuted the actor after telling him that he wasn’t going to be charged over Constand’s allegations. The court ruled that Cosby relied on that promise when he testified in a civil suit brought against him. According to Cosby, he waived his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination because of the non-prosecution agreement.

Constand thanked the women who came forward to help put Cosby away. She said that she will not be making any more statements.

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