Bill Gates’ Ex-Wife Reveals Disturbing Facts About Former Husband and Jeffery Epstein

Bill Gates' Ex-Wife Reveals Disturbing Facts About Former Husband and Jeffery Epstein

( – Billionaire Bill Gates was allegedly good friends with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein before the latter was implicated in criminal activity. There have been questions surrounding their friendship for years. Recently, Gates’ ex-wife Melinda revealed more information about the relationship between the two men.

In an interview aired on March 3, Melinda opened up to Oprah’s best friend, Gayle King, about the Microsoft founder’s friendship with Epstein. During the “CBS Mornings” interview, she said she never liked when her ex had meetings with the financier and she made it clear. Melinda went on to say she met Epstein once because she wanted to see who he was but she regretted her decision the moment she saw him.

“[Epstein] was abhorrent. He was evil personified,” Melinda told Gayle. She said she had nightmares about her encounter with him afterward.

Previous reports indicate Epstein and Gates met one another at a dinner in 2011. The tech giant allegedly visited the billionaire’s townhouse at least three times. Gayle asked Melinda if her ex-husband continued to meet with Epstein over her objections, but she didn’t give a straight answer. Instead, she said Gates would have to answer those questions but she personally made it clear how she felt about Epstein.

Bill Gates says he regrets ever having met Epstein.

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