Bill Maher Defends Parents’ Concerns Over Critical Race Theory

Bill Maher Defends Parent's Concerns Over Critical Race Theory

( – Critical Race Theory (CRT) is the idea that race is an artificial idea created by culture, not nature. It alleges the founders of the United States used this division, which existed at the time, to design a system that still oppresses people of color. The perspective extends to social, economic and political arenas across the country, making the US inherently racist. Comedian Bill Maher chimed in on the subject, defending parents who are against teaching CRT in schools. He appeared on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time on November 17 and said teaching the theory completely discounts racial progress in America.

Although most schools don’t teach CRT per se, some parents worry about bringing the concept into the classroom for fear of making their children feel ashamed about the color of their skin, furthering the country’s divide.

Bill Maher’s Perspective

After reading and listening to what parents and educators had to say about the issue, Maher felt he had an understanding of what’s happening regarding this subject all over the US. He thinks children are too young to understand the complexities of CRT.

Although he believes the history of racism in the United States is a subject that belongs in the classroom, teachers separating kids into groups and labeling them “oppressor and oppressed” does not. That viewpoint seems to be at the center of concern for American parents. They don’t want their children marked and forced to see everything through a racial lens.

Maher would rather promote a “colorblind society” where people don’t see race around every corner.

The Arguments About CRT

Experts insist that making children feel guilty for being white isn’t part of the idea. They allege CRT is about racial justice and how inequality hurts everyone. Experts on the subject believe understanding how the US system operates, and its founding origins, will help children recognize systemic problems when they enter adult society. They theorize this knowledge will prepare them to seek change where necessary.

The problem is different states define critical race theory in different ways, leading to a lot of confusion and discomfort about spreading the idea at all. For example, Florida defines CRT as any “theory that racism is not merely the product of prejudice,” while Idaho wants to teach students that people today are responsible for “actions committed in the past” by members of their race.

Maher, who describes himself as old-school, suggested that maybe Americans should live in the current year and come up with solutions for everyone today without dwelling in the past. Perhaps he has a point.

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