Boaters Make Daring Rescue at Sea

Boaters Make Daring Rescue at Sea

( – Boaters recently thought they spotted some kind of weird sea creature while they were about a mile off the coast of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. But it turns out it wasn’t weird at all, it was man’s best friend!

According to 7 News WSVN, boat owner Jakob Dutiot spotted a white dog swimming in the ocean. His friend Bryn Crowell also saw something floating in the water. She thought it looked like a dog, but couldn’t believe it at first. She said she looked again and realized it was actually a small dog. That’s when she pulled out her phone and started recording.

Dylan Berian, another passenger on the boat, dove into the water and swam to the dog to rescue it. After they hoisted the pup into the boat, they looked for tags so they could contact the dog’s owner.

Berian said the canine, whose name is Zuko, warmed up to the group of friends immediately. He was shaking a little bit at first, but then seemed happy to be on board. They contacted his owners and met them about 15 miles away.

Zuko’s owner expressed gratitude to the group, saying they saved them a “huge heartbreak.” The pup reportedly fell off the boat while he was running around the deck. His owners didn’t realize it at first, but when they did, they retraced their route, but weren’t able to find him in the water. Now Zuko has a high-visibility life jacket to prevent it from happening again.

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