Border Patrol Agents Make Second-Largest Meth Bust Ever

Border Patrol Agents Make Second-Largest Meth Bust Ever

( – President Donald Trump promised the American people he was going to make the country and border safer. That’s exactly what he’s done during his time in office. Recently, the Border Patrol demonstrated his administration’s resolve with a massive drug bust.

On October 9, a Border Patrol agent noticed something was off about a truck at San Diego’s Otay Mesa Port of Entry. Agents searched the trailer and found 3,014 pounds of meth, 29 pounds of fentanyl powder, 64 pounds of heroin, and roughly 37 pounds of fentanyl pills mixed in with a shipment of medical supplies.

The DEA said it was the second-largest meth bust in history. The seizure may have saved countless lives and made America a lot safer. It also proves how dedicated law enforcement and the Trump administration are to making the country a better place to live for everyone.

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