Boy, 7, Killed By Stray Bullet Shot Through His Bathroom Window

In response to multiple reports of shots being fired, the police responded to the area and discovered a number of shell casings in the alley behind the home. A boy was shot in the bathroom, and police believe the shooting was senseless.

Detective Chief Ron Pontecore said the shooting of a young child was a tragic incident and that he was going to deploy more resources to the area to conduct an investigation into what happened.

Akeem Briscoe was killed while waiting to go on a field trip. While he was getting ready in the bathroom, a stray bullet found it’s way into the room. He was struck by this bullet in the stomach and later died from his injury.

His uncle said he shouldn’t have been killed. The child’s mother, brother, and sister were in the house when gunfire erupted.

The family is now planning to bury their son only days after burying their father, who died from a medical condition. They are pleading with the public to help find the killer.

The police are reviewing private video footage of the incident and are requesting anyone with information about the incident to get in touch with them.

Linda Foley, principal of Newberry Math and Science Academy, said in a letter to families that one of their beloved second-grade students, Akeem Briscoe, passed away. The Chicago Public Schools’ Crisis Management Unit is working with the school to provide grief counseling and support to students and staff members.

This is not the only case of a shooting in the city. In a separate and unrelated shooting, a 15-year-old boy was shot multiple times in the leg and torso and died at the hospital. Within minutes of the first shooting, this young teen was shot and killed. As of yet, no one has been caught.

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