Brazilian President Hospitalized After Mysterious Problem

Brazilian President Hospitalized After Mysterious Problem

( – In 2018, a mentally-ill man stabbed Jair Bolsonaro while he was running for president of Brazil. In spite of the serious injury, the conservative later won the election. He suffered another health scare earlier this year. In January, he spent time in the hospital for an intestinal obstruction. This week, the president was back in the hospital for another issue.

On Monday, March 28, Secretary of Institutional Security General Augusto Heleno told the Associated Press Bolsonaro was in an army hospital in Brasilia, undergoing tests. The president went to the hospital on Monday after he began feeling discomfort in his abdomen around lunchtime. Doctors discharged him from the hospital on Tuesday morning.

Communications Minister Fabio Faria posted a video on Twitter of Bolsonaro leaving the hospital on Tuesday. His caption, written in Portuguese, said the president is in good health and already back at work. He revealed they were on their way to Ponta Porã to deliver equipment needed in schools.

Bolsonaro has undergone seven surgeries since the 2018 stabbing. The knife injured his lung, intestine and liver. The stabbing almost killed him and has left him with lasting health problems. It’s unclear whether the most recent hospitalization was connected to that attack.

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