Bridge Collapses Right Before Biden Arrives to Discuss Infrastructure Changes

Bridge Implodes Right Before Biden Arrives to Push Infrastructure Bill

( – A bipartisan infrastructure bill passed last year, allocating billions of dollars for road and bridge repairs. On Friday, January 28, President Joe Biden traveled to Pittsburgh to talk about the law and the $327 million the city is set to receive. Unfortunately, money to fix one of the city’s bridges didn’t come soon enough.

Hours before Biden arrived in the city, the Forbes Avenue bridge collapsed just before rush hour. The four-lane steel frame bridge towered above a wooded ravine in the East End section of Pittsburgh. Ordinarily, the bridge would have been crowded with cars, but since school started two hours late that day, there were only four cars and a bus on it when it fell. Emergency workers had to rappel into the ravine to rescue people and other first responders formed a human chain to rescue victims.

Ten victims were taken to a local hospital, all are in fair condition. The National Transportation Safety Board is now investigating the collapse.

Information has revealed the Forbes Avenue bridge is one of eight in Pennsylvania rated in “poor” condition. The bridge wasn’t one of the projects slated for repairs and the city has not explained why it wasn’t put on the list to receive federal infrastructure funds.

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