Broadway Musical “Suffs” Disrupted by Protest Banner: Shocking Incident Unfolds in Theater

New York, NY – A disruption briefly interrupted the performance of the Broadway musical “Suffs” last night at the Music Box Theatre. The Tony-winning show, which delves into the suffragist movement, faced a brief protest when a group unfurled a banner with the message “Suffs Is A White Wash” from the box seats near the stage. The protesters, self-identified as radical, anti-racist, queer feminists, chanted slogans like “cancel Suffs” before being escorted out of the theater without incident.

This incident marks the second disruption of a Broadway show in the last four months. In March, climate activist group Extinction Rebellion halted a performance of “An Enemy of the People” with chants protesting against theater on a “dead planet.” The disruption at “Suffs” was fueled by a website criticizing the musical for its alleged whitewashing and dangerous portrayal of history.

“Suffs” confronts racial issues within the suffrage movement through characters like Alice Paul and Ida B. Wells. The musical highlights the role of Black women in the fight for voting rights, addressing the racism that permeated the movement. Despite the protest, the show’s producers and creative team chose not to directly address the group’s concerns.

Since its opening in April, “Suffs” has garnered critical acclaim, receiving multiple Tony Award nominations and winning in categories like Best Book and Best Score. The show continues to draw large audiences, with strong box office numbers and near sell-out performances. The incident, while disruptive, did not compromise the safety of the cast or audience members at the Music Box Theatre.

As discussions around representation and historical accuracy in theater continue, “Suffs” stands as a testament to the importance of inclusivity and diverse storytelling on Broadway. The protest serves as a reminder of the ongoing dialogue within the arts community about how history is portrayed and whose voices are centered in storytelling.