California Governor Gavin Newsom Takes Shots At Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Raising Speculation Newsom May Run For President.

Gavin Newsom

Newsom airs Florida ad urging people to fight for freedom – or move to California.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has lost an estimated 350,000 residents in his state in the last year, and the situation is likely to worsen. Among the places, the most wealthy residents have chosen to call home? Florida.

The likely Republican Front runner for a 2024 presidential bid, Governor Ron Desantis, was the target for Newsom. Newsom is now gaining a lot of free press for the ad that will air on Fox News.

The move which some say was a waste of campaign dollars is actually being hailed as strategic by some democratic party operators. For two reasons, one it paints Newsom as a possible contender for a run against DeSantis and second it puts his name back in the national spotlight without the usual ‘negative spin’ it catches when the issues of the state of California are highlighted.

Among the claims levied in the ad is that Floridians are living in a place that is losing freedoms. In education, in choice, and in speech. Of course, left out of the ad were the actual costs of living, crime, taxes, gas, homelessness, a whole smorgasbord of unaddressed issues that have been plaguing California and are largely responsible for the exile in the first place.

The Florida executive branch wasted no time firing back on Twitter with their swipes at California.

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