California Judge Let’s Woman Who Punched One-Year-Old Baby In The Head Go Free With No Charges

After being attacked in a parking lot along with her one-year-old child, a California mother was horrified to learn the suspect would not face consequences.

The court cited a lack of courtroom space and a shortage of judges in its decision to dismiss charges against the offender.

“I have a responsibility as a mother to protect my daughter, and that day it was violated and taken,” she said.

Her daughter was being picked up from daycare when she was attacked.

“After she came up behind me, I pleaded with her to at least let me put my child down, but she just ignored everything I said and started throwing punches.”

Guevara said her primary concern was protecting her child, who was hit by the attacker during the attack.

“The only thing I could think about was shielding her. She just kept going and going. As soon as I heard my daughter’s high-pitched scream, that scream will stay with me forever.”

“She punched my one-year-old daughter in the face,” Guevara said.

Guevara described the suspect as “psychotic” and said she had previously fought two pregnant women.

In Guevara’s opinion, a domestic issue that upset a former friend of hers led to the incident six months ago. She got a misdemeanor charge for child endangerment against the suspect as a result.

As Guevara described the moment she learned the case was dismissed, she broke down in tears.

“Despite my pleas in my statement to him (the judge), he still said that there aren’t enough courtrooms in Riverside County. Your case has been dismissed,” she said.

Guevara said she is concerned about the release of the suspect, especially since she knows where her child is.

“My blood boils. It boils to the core knowing she got away and that she’s bragging about getting away.”

According to reports, more than 200 criminal cases have been dismissed due to a backlog following the Coronavirus shutdown and a shortage of judges.

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