California Says No More Gas Powered Cars By 2035

Ventura Freeway

California has approved a plan to phase out the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles over the next 13 years in America’s largest auto market to reduce emissions and combat the climate emergency.

Sperling said the measure would be among the first of its kind and set an example to other states that often look to California when setting their own standards. But some automotive companies said the timeline of the state’s transition to electric vehicles would be difficult for the industry.

Newsom announced his executive order in 2020 to reduce carbon pollution from transportation. He said it was a crucial step to address the climate emergency.

Research shows a transition to electric cars in the US would save 110,000 lives, reduce public health costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 92% by 2050.

Despite Thursday’s vote, California will take years to transition to electric vehicles as gas-powered cars will outnumber zero-emission vehicles for years. The state will also need to expand public charging stations to accommodate the surge in electric vehicles.

California’s new rules require carmakers to sell zero-polluting cars and light-duty trucks, and offer rebates to offset the cost of buying electric cars.

Some experts say California hasn’t done enough to ensure electric vehicles are accessible to low- and middle-income people.

The real question no one is asking  is where are the rare earth minerals needed for EV batteries going to come from?

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