Canada Prime Minister Flees As Truckers Stand for Freedom

( – On Saturday, January 29, thousands of truckers and other protesters descended on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada, to protest COVID-19 vaccine and mask mandates. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was nowhere to be found.

Truckers are furious about the government’s COVID-19 mandates. Many of the protesters, in what was called the “Freedom Convoy,” arrived on Friday night and camped out until the next day despite the winter storm that swept through the area. According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, many of the truckers traveled hundreds of miles to make their voices heard.

Instead of listening to the angry workers, Trudeau and his family were moved to an undisclosed location in the city. The PM, who recently tested positive for COVID-19, has been working remotely.

On Monday, Trudeau attacked the truckers for protesting. He claimed they would not intimidate him and slammed a small group of bad actors, making it seem as though they were the majority instead of the minority. Trudeau said Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole needs to “reflect very carefully” on his path. Pierre Poilievre, the finance spokesman, called the PM’s comments “inflammatory.”

In the US, former President Donald Trump spoke out in support of the Canadian truckers, saying Americans are standing with them.

It’s unclear when Trudeau plans to head back to Parliament Hill to do his job.

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