Canadian Official Sends Alarming Threat to Trump Supporters

World Leader Sends Alarming Threat to Trump Supporters

( – The Freedom Convoy in Canada is still going strong, despite the government’s attempts to silence those who are speaking out against vaccine mandates. The convoy created a blockade at the Ambassador Bridge, the busiest border crossing between Canada and the US for almost a week.

When the blockade was cleared, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took the unprecedented step of invoking the Emergencies Act. The order gave the federal government and financial institutions an incredible amount of power, allowing them to freeze bank accounts. In a recent interview, a high-ranking Canadian official threatened pro-Donald Trump Americans who were donating to fund the protests in Canada.

Threat From Across the Border

On Wednesday, February 16, Justice Minister David Lametti spoke to CTV News host Evan Solomon about the Freedom Convoy. The television host asked whether average US citizens should worry about their accounts being seized.

Lametti said members of the “pro-Trump movement” who are “donating hundreds of thousands of dollars, and millions of dollars” to the truckers to keep protesting, then they “ought to be worried.” The justice minister went on to defend the government seizure of bank accounts related to the protests, claiming they are stopping “terrorist financing.”

According to the Daily Mail, roughly 44% of the nearly $10 million in contributions were given by Americans. The donor files were released after cybercriminals managed to hack into GiveSendGo and obtain 92,000 donor files. Co-Founder and CFO Jacob Wells called Trudeau’s administration a “group of terrorists” and demanded the FBI investigate the hackers. “This is illegal, and those people should be going to jail,” Wells said during an interview with Fox News.


It’s one thing for the Canadian government to threaten its own citizens, but it’s an entirely different matter for it to threaten Americans. First of all, Lametti doesn’t have the authority to freeze the bank accounts of US citizens, unless those accounts are held by Canadian banks. Further, when the Americans donated to the Freedom Convoy, it was a legal protest. They committed no crimes.

Now, the question remains, what is President Joe Biden going to do about the threats. A foreign government is threatening the financial security of American citizens for supporting a legal protest the Canadian government declared “illegal” weeks after it started. Biden has an obligation to respond and protect Americans. Will he allow politics to get in the way of doing his job?

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