Car Buried In A Yard In The 90’s Being Excavated By Police

Car Buried

Approximately 30 miles south of San Francisco, authorities discovered a vehicle buried on a residential property in Atherton.

Landscapers working for the current homeowner discovered the vehicle Thursday morning, according to an Atherton Police Department news release.

The department said that cadaver dogs were called to the scene due to the buried vehicle’s unknown origin. “The cadavers made a slight notification of possible human remains,” the department said.

At this time, police said no human remains have been found in the vehicle being excavated by San Mateo Crime Lab technicians.

Atherton police said the vehicle was buried four to five feet underground with unused concrete bags inside, and they believe it was buried in the 1990s, before the current homeowner occupied the house.

Authorities are investigating the motives and circumstances behind the burial of the car.

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