Car Smashes Into Apple Store, Killing 1 And Sending 14 More To The Hospital

Apple Crash

An Apple store in Massachusetts was hit by a vehicle Monday afternoon. First responders were called to the scene.

Local media report that one person was killed in the incident, and 14 people have been taken to local hospitals, including four in critical condition. By early afternoon, Hingham Police had called for a tow truck to remove the vehicle, which was still lodged against the back wall of the store.

“What happened this morning was unthinkable, and people are trying to process what happened,” Plymouth District Attorney Timothy Cruz said.

“We are still conducting our investigation,” he said, adding a dark colored SUV struck multiple people after hitting the plate glass window of the store.

As a result of the incident, several people were trapped in the store until the vehicle could be moved. According to reports, the store is at risk of collapsing.

In the aftermath of the crash, authorities have not indicated whether they believe it was an accident or intentional.

Just an hour before the crash, the store was set to open at the Derby Street Shops.

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