Carnival shut down after group of young thugs assault lone victim

EXTON, PA – A local carnival was abruptly closed down by law enforcement in Exton, Pennsylvania, following an outbreak of violence involving a group of disorderly young individuals. The incident took place at the Exton Square Mall, causing concern for the safety of families in attendance.

Authorities received a surveillance video from an anonymous business within the mall complex. The footage depicted a group of young people aggressively attacking an individual who was initially alone. The victim was assaulted from behind, and the attack continued even after he fell to the ground. Some minors present at the scene attempted to intervene, pulling the attackers away from the victim.

The West Whiteland Township Police Department, which released the video, reported that the assailants dispersed just before an adult appeared on the scene. The victim managed to get up independently and walked away in the opposite direction.

The police department initially suspended the carnival on Saturday following the incident. However, due to ongoing safety concerns, the permit for the carnival was revoked on Sunday. The police department is seeking assistance from the public in identifying the victim, witnesses, and suspects involved in the incident.

The department’s CrimeWatch website is open for anyone with information about the attack to submit a tip. Exton, located about 30 miles west of Philadelphia, is well-known for the Exton Square Mall, a commercial landmark in the region.

Residents seeking information about refunds were advised to contact the carnival organizer, Goodtime Amusements. The company has yet to respond to requests for comments.

In a statement on their Facebook page, the organizers announced their decision to leave the Exton Square Mall indefinitely due to the uncontrollable behavior and unrest that occurred. The statement concluded by expressing appreciation for the families that attended the event for enjoyment.