Caterer Sued After Lacing Wedding Food With Cannabis And Causing Severe Injuries

A woman who attended a wedding in Florida is suing the caterer, claiming she suffered from “marijuana poisoning” after the food was infused with harmful levels of cannabis. The woman is seeking more than $30,000 in damages.

Virginia Taylor-Svoboda, 76, was one of many affected while attending the wedding of her relative. She started feeling sick soon after eating the variety of foods prepared by Joycelyn Bryant, 31. Due to her illness, she was the wedding guest pursuing the lawsuit to bring those responsible to justice.

Melissa Stout also said that she ate at this same wedding. She intended to eat in order to stop herself from becoming too intoxicated. However, Stout felt much worse after eating it. She didn’t notice anyone else getting sick, and none of the guests knew their food had been laced with marijuana.

Danya Svoboda and her partner were officially pronounced husband and wife in an outdoor ceremony in a gated community in Longwood, a suburb of Orlando. Their wedding was where all of this food-related illness took place. However, they were not fully innocent in this scheme.

The bride was caught in collaboration with the caterer of her wedding, Joycelyn Bryant. The pair had planned to lace the wedding guests’ food with cannabis as they prepared for the big day.

On Feb. 19, Seminole County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived at a wedding reception to find guests complaining of feeling “high.” A lab test revealed that bread and lasagna served at the reception contained THC, an active ingredient in marijuana.

Bodycam footage showed the moment the stoned bride saw the deputies, blinking but saying nothing. Authorities found several sick guests and a few attendees who wanted to press charges against the people responsible for lacing the food with marijuana.