Chaffetz: DOJ Has Been Weaponized Against Republicans

Steve Bannon Indictment Signals a Complete Switch of What the DOJ Represents

( – On November 12, a federal grand jury indicted Steve Bannon on two misdemeanor charges of contempt of Congress. The charges stem from his failure to respond to a subpoena issued by the January 6 Committee. Former Congressman Jason Chaffetz is now speaking out against the DOJ’s decision to go after Bannon.

In an op-ed for Fox News, Chaffetz pointed out how differently Democrats handle contempt of Congress charges depending on the political affiliation of the person in question. In 2016, Hillary Clinton’s tech aide Bryan Pagliano was summoned by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to discuss the email scandal. His lawyer said he wouldn’t answer the subpoena because Pagliano planned to assert his Fifth Amendment rights, which would allow him to refuse to answer questions.

In a 19-15 party-line vote, the committee, led by Chaffetz, voted to hold the Clinton aide in contempt of Congress and sent the referral to former President Barack Obama’s DOJ, Eric Holder. Ultimately, Holder refused to prosecute.

Five years later, Bannon is being prosecuted for the same charge. The only difference is the political party and the fact that Pagliano was trying to assert his Fifth Amendment right. Either way, in both instances a Democratic-led DOJ was given a referral after someone refused to appear before Congress and only the Republican was indicted.

Chaffetz points out that although the Left might be happy now, one day the tables will be turned and they might not like what happens.

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