Chicago Blackhawks Trade Up in 2024 NHL Draft: Here’s How They Did It

Chicago, Illinois – The Chicago Blackhawks made significant moves during the 2024 NHL Draft by engaging in a five-pick trade with the New York Islanders, leading to a reshuffling in the first round.

In the trade, the Blackhawks obtained the 18th and 50th overall picks from the Islanders in exchange for their 20th, 54th, and 61st picks. This strategic swap allowed the Blackhawks to rise two spots in the first round and four spots in the second round of the draft.

Prior to the trade, the Blackhawks already possessed five picks in the second and third rounds combined. By leveraging this surplus draft capital, they were able to optimize their selections, moving up in the draft order.

With a total of eight draft picks in 2024, including the coveted 2nd overall selection, the Blackhawks have positioned themselves favorably for the upcoming draft. Notably, six out of their eight picks fall within the first three rounds, indicating a strong focus on securing top-tier talent.

Fans eager to stay updated on the Blackhawks’ draft developments can tune in to the Blackhawks Talk Podcast, accessible through a provided link for further insight into the team’s strategies and future prospects.