Children Forced to Sit in Freezing Cold Over COVID

( – According to the Fairfax County government website in Virginia, mask mandates are still in effect for everyone inside K-12 schools, regardless of their vaccination status. On January 11, a teacher forced a group of third-graders at Waynewood Elementary to wear their masks outside while they ate their snacks sitting on the concrete sidewalk during freezing weather. A furious parent witnessed the event, took a video, and posted it on Twitter, starting a flurry of angry Virginia parents who saw it as poor leadership and possibly abusive.

Fairfax County Public Schools responded to the tweet with a statement alleging the kids were only outside for “less than seven minutes,” and the teacher in charge was monitoring them. They also stated this practice is common, even in cold weather. However, the many responses on Twitter were not interested in explanations. Many said the practice was unacceptable, calling for the school to do better.

Unfortunately, Virginia schools aren’t the only ones putting this practice into place. An Oregon school reportedly had kindergartners outside in near-freezing weather in December, sitting on buckets as they ate their lunch a safe distance apart from each other. No matter where parents stand on the masking issue, schools should probably use common sense and critical thinking skills before implementing such draconian policies.

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