Child’s arm severed by a falling tree branch

CHELTENHAM TOWNSHIP, Pa. – A tragic accident occurred in Montgomery County when a large tree branch fell on a two-year-old child, severing the youngster’s arm.

The incident took place on the 7900 block of Chandler Road in Cheltenham Township around 6 p.m. on Saturday, according to local authorities. Emergency responders arrived on the scene to find the child critically injured after the branch, which had fallen from a height of approximately 50 feet, had amputated the child’s arm.

Medics immediately administered lifesaving care at the scene before airlifting the child to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for further treatment. The child’s current condition remains undisclosed.

Authorities believe the incident was a tragic accident that transpired while children were playing in the driveway. The investigation is ongoing, but initial reports suggest no foul play was involved.

Neighbors expressed their shock and concern over the incident, describing the community as typically quiet and safe. “It’s heartbreaking to think something like this could happen,” said one resident who wished to remain anonymous.

The township has seen an increase in tree-related incidents recently, prompting discussions about the need for regular maintenance and inspection of older trees. Local officials are urging residents to report any potentially hazardous trees to prevent future accidents.

As the community rallies around the affected family, local organizations are stepping in to offer support and resources. Fundraisers and donation drives are being organized to help cover medical expenses and provide emotional support for the family during this difficult time.