China Leaks Intel About Its Propping Up of Russian Talking Points

China Leaks Intel About Its Propping Up of Russian Talking Points

( – Russia invaded Ukraine this week and world leaders quickly condemned the action – except for China. The Chinese government continued to support its ally Russia. But, China’s state made a big mistake by accidentally leaking confidential information.

On February 22, Horizon News, a division of the Chinese Communist Party’s Beijing News, posted talking points on how to cover the escalating situation between Russia and Ukraine. In the Weibo post, the organization said it can’t publish any news that would make President Vladimir Putin or his military look bad because China will need the Kremlin’s support when it finally deals with “the Taiwan issue once and for all.”

There’s a lot of concern China is going to take advantage of the fighting in Ukraine to attack Taiwan and force it to unite with the mainland. There are already recent reports of Chinese military planes entering the island’s airspace. A war between China and Taiwan would be incredibly bloody and not something the world wants to see. Unfortunately, like Putin, President Xi seems to have a hard time letting go of his vision for his nation.

Are you worried China is going to invade Taiwan while the world is watching the deadly situation in Ukraine? How do you feel about possible cooperation between China and Russia?

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