China Now Stockpiling Food Amid Worries of War

China Now Stockpiling Food Amid Worries of War

( – According to the United Nations (UN), the cost of food is up about 30% globally compared to the year prior. While many blame the supply chain for the price increase, others point to China stockpiling food as a possible contributor. Unfortunately, storing large amounts of food may signal the country is readying itself for war, and the target may be Taiwan. Although the Central Committee of the Communist Party (CCCP) assured the world the increase in the food supply is nothing worth noting, officials are reading between the lines.

Nikkei Asia reported China increased its stockpile of grain by 20% over the last 10 years. The General Administration of Customs of China stated there was a $98.1 billion jump in food imports over the same period. In addition, the National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration claims the communist nation has enough supply to sustain the country for about 18 months.

Considering China’s hostile position toward Taiwan, some feel the stockpile could mean the country’s leaders are preparing for a conflict. However, China expert Tim Health alleges winter is not an ideal time for a Taiwan invasion. He believes the country is storing large amounts of food to achieve food security for the Chinese people. Although, it could also mean the country is trying to show its power by manipulating prices worldwide.

Since China holds its cards close to the vest, any explanation is pure speculation, but when it comes to the communist country, it seems nothing is ever completely off the table.

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