China Says US Shouldn’t Treat Anyone Like a Spy Amid Nation’s Crackdown

China Says US Shouldn't Treat Anyone Like a Spy Amid Nation's Crackdown

( – When Donald Trump ran for president in 2016, he promised he would crack down on China. Throughout his tenure, he did that. He was able to negotiate a massive trade deal with China that put America first. Then, his administration started issuing sanctions on Chinese companies connected to human rights violations.

Over the summer, the DOJ started taking aggressive action against Chinese researchers in the US who lied about their work for the Communist country. Now, officials in China are speaking out against America.

Chinese Anger

On Thursday, December 3, Hua Chunying, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson, told the press the US needs to stop treating “everyone as a spy.” The comments came after reports revealed more than 1,000 researchers fled America after the DOJ started investigating espionage by the Communist regime.

Fighting the Communist Regime

The crackdown started in July when the DOJ revealed that four people lied on their visa applications about their work with China’s People’s Liberation Army. The Chinese Consulate in San Francisco harbored the alleged criminals.

DOJ National Security Division Chief John Demers said the department stopped “a significant amount of maligning of Chinese activity” during President Trump’s time in office. He accused the country of sending research students, who are directed to lie about their military affiliations, to America.

Chunying denied the allegations, saying the Trump administration is anti-Chinese and there is only “hatred, division and confrontation” from those in charge. She claimed they treat everyone as though they’re spying on America.

The DOJ isn’t particularly concerned about the Chinese government’s feelings. The federal law enforcement agency doesn’t plan to stop its mission to expel bad actors from the country. Demers said the recent crackdown is just the “tip of the iceberg,” and more than 1,000 more researchers have ties to the Chinese military.

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