China Targets US With Hypocritical Statement

( – The Chinese government has taken a lot of heat over its ongoing human rights violations over the last few years. The US and other nations have issued multiple sanctions over the abuses. Ironically, China is now criticizing the American military — for the same thing.

On Tuesday, August 24, Chen Xu, China’s envoy to the United Nations, spoke about Afghanistan during a meeting of the Human Rights Council. He had the audacity to say the US, Australia and UK should face consequences for the “violation of human rights committed by their militaries in Afghanistan.” He went on to say the allied nations try to impose their own beliefs on other countries by staging military interventions.

Critics of the Chinese government quickly pointed out the irony of their words.

The Chinese government is actively carrying out genocide in its country. The Communists have imprisoned more than a million Uyghurs under the guise of counterterrorism. Doctors have reportedly sterilized Uyghur women, and the Chinese government has destroyed their sacred cultural sites. When the Uyghurs are locked away, guards reportedly torture them and force them to attend indoctrination classes and work.

Meanwhile, the US and its allies tried to save the Afghan people from the Taliban for two decades. But, sure, they’re the ones in the wrong, not the genocidal communists.

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